Travel to Utvaer
PA0FLE, Saturday 15 August 2009 - 22:32:38 //

The departure from holland (08-08) took a while because we had some difficulty with the lights from the trailer. About 1,5 hrs we left to pick up some materials at Ruud BTV and after
that to Hans PH0V. On our journey we had about 30 minutes delay at Groningen and just
before Hanmburg Germany a big car accident happened about 400m in front of us. This caused another 2 hrs delay because many cars had to be towed away. At about 22:00 we found a campsite near Lubeck where we put up two small tents for the night.

The next day we started driving at 7:30 and took the ferry to denmark and sweden. Near Goteborg we had another hour delay. Bacuse of that we decided to keep on driving into Norway because we need enough time the day after to arrive on time in Hardbakke. Around 02:00 we stopped at a parking spot. Hans and Ruud decided to sleep in the car while henk put up his small
tent near the stream. Because Henk had slept well he started driving in the morning in the direction of Hardbakke.
We came throug many tunnels. The longest one was 24,5km long. At Rordalen we had to wait for the ferry to Krakhella so we had a picknick and had some time to dry the tents. From Krakhella we drove to Hardbakke where we checked in at the local hotel. After that we filled up 140 liters of fuel for the generators and bought some food. Unfortunately the Hardbakke bank
was closed after 15:00 so we couldnt get any swedish krones anymore. After eating monk fish in the local restarant we went to bed.
On thursday august 11th we went to Utvaer by small ferry boat. Because of all the equipment we took we have to book a private boat for the return trip which we will have on august 20th. We moved our gear with the small boat from Torvald our host to our accomodation and started to build up the two meter beam and HF dipole antenna.
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