Utvaer_from_air.jpgNorway DxPedition 2009

Henk PA3FMC, Ruud PE1BTV and Hans PH0V will be active from august 11 to august 20 this year from Utvaer Island IOTA EU-055 QRA JP21GA. We will be active on HF bands in phone and digital modes, and on 2 and 6 meters with meteor scatter. We will join the lighthouse / lightship activity weekend from Utvaer Lighthouse ARLHS:NOR 264, ILLW:NO0005, WLOTA-2373.
2 Years ago we also visited this island see It was a great success so we decided to revisit Utvaer.

We are back home
Henk PA3FMC, Wednesday 02 September 2009 - 22:12:52 //

After 14 days of total travel we are back from this small dxpedition.
We have enjoyed the many fine contacts we had.
Thank you all for the contacts. At this moment we are working on the qsl cards. We will have a new design for this year. At this moment I already received many direct qsl cards. QSL info can be found on and you can send qsl direct or via buro. We hope to ship our qls cards by end of september.
Best 73

Travel to Utvaer
PA0FLE, Saturday 15 August 2009 - 22:32:38 //

The departure from holland (08-08) took a while because we had some difficulty with the lights from the trailer. About 1,5 hrs we left to pick up some materials at Ruud BTV and after
that to Hans PH0V. On our journey we had about 30 minutes delay at Groningen and just
before Hanmburg Germany a big car accident happened about 400m in front of us. This caused another 2 hrs delay because many cars had to be towed away. At about 22:00 we found a campsite near Lubeck where we put up two small tents for the night.

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2 meter station information
Henk PA3FMC, Tuesday 28 July 2009 - 15:07:41 //

The 2 meter station will mainly be operated by Ruud PE1BTV under the callsign LA/PE1BTV.
The mode will be FSK441 meteorscatter.
Equipment used:
Kenwood TS2000
600 watt solid state amplifier.
9 element antenna.

HF station information
Henk PA3FMC, Tuesday 28 July 2009 - 14:56:20 //

The HF station will mainly be operated by Henk PA3FMC with the callsign LA/PA3FMC.
The modes will be ssb / cw / rtty and psk modes.

The station consists of:
Yaesy FT2000
Ameritron 800 watt amplifier.
AEA antennatuner
Spiderbeam 20/15/10 meter.
Multiband Dipole 80/40/30/17 meter bands.

We will try to use the old ARDF antenna next to the lighthouse with tuner on the lower bands.
We will update the logs on this site using pskmail, since we have no gsm or other internet communication available on the island. Werner PA0FLE will update the website during our stay.

Geocache hidden
Henk PA3FMC, Wednesday 02 September 2009 - 22:03:21 //

geocaching.jpgBecause Utvaer is such a special place and the western most part of scandinavia Henk placed a geocache on the island. Geocaching is a treasurehunt game with GPS receivers. More info on The cache details can be found on the next page

Henk PA3FMC, Wednesday 05 August 2009 - 21:50:08 //

At this moment we are packing all of our gear for departure August 8th. We will travel by car and tug a small trailer with our gear.
Along the way we will be active on HF 80m, 40m and 20m and VHF mobile.
We will update the web site with our journey journal.

6 meter station information
Henk PA3FMC, Tuesday 28 July 2009 - 15:04:42 //

The 6 m station will mainly be operated by Hans PH0V with the call LA/PH0V.
The mode will be JT6m meteorscatter.
Equipmnt used:
Kenwood TS2000
HB9CV antenna.